Your Next Computer Might be an iPad Pro

iPad Pro next computer advert

Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro on Wednesday. The device is hugely powerful and Apple is clearly pitching it as a viable laptop replacement for many people.


The iPad Pro as a Laptop Replacement

In two new videos, Apple shows-off lots of the new device’s features. These included the LiDAR scanner and updated cameras. However, the big focus of one clip was the new Magic Keyboard that allows the device to ‘float’ alongside the specially designed trackpad. Folded up, the iPad Pro resembles a laptop more than ever.

Use a Computer Correctly

The second clip develops the theme further. A play on an old-fashioned educational video, it outlines the variety of ways the iPad Pro can be used. It really shows how our definition of a ‘computer’ has moved on! Whether writing, gaming, or consuming content, Apple wants you to know that this is the right device.

Expect to see these clips on a TV near you soon!

5 thoughts on “Your Next Computer Might be an iPad Pro

  • Nope. At least for us. We need a real powerful computer. Compatible with the rest (90%) of the world (Windows), which requires Intel x86 inside. In such scenario, iOS is a limited jailed toy. Mac is the real McCoy!

    1. @Macsee:

      It depends on what you’re doing.

      I had a colleague say the same to me back in 2018 in Uganda when I was there assisting with a cholera outbreak, and all I brought with me was my first gen iPad Pro and its keyboard folio. I was able to assist with the rudimentary data analysis they were doing on Excel and CSV – formatted spreadsheets, help draft the country plan and the application for emergency funding and vaccine supplies in MS Word, exchange and help edit graphics in multiple formats – while all of my local and international colleagues were using PCs (and one Mac) without a hitch.

      That colleague changed his tune about my iPad not being a real computer, particularly when, as the power would go out, not only could my iPad work all day, I would have the only internet connection in the meeting room. Indeed, he may now think ‘Different’.

      It doesn’t replace my MBP, but it definitely lifts the bulk of its former routine load.

  • NOW I can see getting an upgrade to the Pro. Maybe some of these highlighted features were available on other models (I haven’t paid close attention), but nice job bringing them to the fore in these spots. Keyboard / trackpad looks great.

  • Charlotte:

    I’m excited about this iPad Pro, although my current 2018 11” 1TB cellular is still an unstoppable force when it comes to ultraportable capability. I have yet to really push its limits. I’ll need a solid reason to upgrade to the 2020 version, so will look to the reviews.

    That said, keyboards and peripheral kit have been a focus of mine, attempting to find that right combination for enhanced performance. I like the Apple Smart Keyboard that came with the 2018, except that it is not backlit. That led me to explore several keyboards, landing me with the Logitech (who worked with Apple) as my primary keyboard, with added protection. My only complaint is that it’s bulky, but the typing experience is great.

    This new Magic Keyboard from Apple is wickedly beautiful and an elegant solution with an inline trackpad. Whether or not I upgrade my iPad Pro (probably not), I’m definitely getting the new keyboard, which is backwards compatible with my iPad, as soon as its available.

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