YouTube Lets You Hide Channels From Recommendations in iOS

YouTube started rolling out a new feature in iOS Thursday that allows users to hide channels that they do not want recommended to them. A menu at the side of the video will contain a “don’t recommend channel” option (via Engadget).

YouTube Lets You Specify Your Interests

The new feature is also available and Android, and will come to desktop soon. Furthermore, YouTube is going to let viewers select categories that they are interested in on the Homepage and Up Next section. The aim is to give users more of what they want and is appropriate. When a video is recommended to you, YouTube will also tell you why.

Many Problems Remain

The new features came amid growing concern at what videos are being recommended by the YouTube algorithm. One thing they do not address is people who actively want to engage with certain types of dubious content – conspiracy theories, anti-vax channels and so on. However, they do make it slightly easier to break out of an echo chamber if you want to.

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