YouTube Leaker Says Mac Studio Coming Soon

mac studio and apple studio display

A popular YouTube content creator has a few more rumors ahead of Tuesday’s “Peek Performance” event. He says Apple’s planning a green iPhone 13 and purple iPad Air. More exciting, though, the creator anticipates Cupertino revealing a new Mac Studio. The computer will offer consumers a middle ground between the Mac mini and Mac Pro.

The Rumored Mac Studio

Having already seen reports of a new Apple Studio Display, thoughts of the Mac Studio don’t come as any surprise. Luke Miani, a YouTube content creator and author at AppleTrack, said he actually spoke to people familiar with the new products.

mac studio rendering
Artist rendering of rumored Mac Studio (Image Credit: Ian Zelbo)

The Mac Studio, Miani said, resembles a pair of Mac mini computers stacked on top of each other. It’s roughly the same footprint as the Mac mini, but four inches tall. The current mini stands up at just 1.7 inches tall. Details on the processor are still sketchy. However, I’d expect such a computer to need an M1 Pro or M1 Max for its target audience.

If the computer is truly on Apple’s roadmap for 2022, it could take the place of a smaller Mac Pro. This was previously suggested by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Miani says the details recently leaked suggest the Mac Studio packs a wide array of input/output options, including more USB-C ports than the current M1 Mac mini.

An Exclusive Mac Studio Leak Posted to YouTube

Miani suggested Apple will unveil the Mac Studio (and the accompanying Apple Studio Display) during its March 8 media event. From the details gleaned from his sources, Miani worked with visual artist Ian Zelbo to create renderings of the new computer.

Miani calls the design reminiscent of the G4 Cube, the original Mac mini, and the latest iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. The content creator also worked with Sam Kohn (iupdate) and Jon Prosser (Front Page Tech) to vet the details.

As a bonus leak, Miani also suggests Apple will announce a green iPhone 13 and purple iPad Air during the “Peek Performance” event. In a few hours, we’ll see how accurate Miani’s information really is.

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