Apple Developing 7K Studio Display

apple studio display

Apple introduced its Pro Display XDR in 2019, and reports indicate there may be a new model on the horizon. Sources familiar with the matter suggested the Cupertino-based tech giant is developing a new “Apple Studio Display” with higher resolution than the award-winning Pro Display XDR. This would be very welcome news for creative professionals ranging from photographers to animators to video editing experts.

Sketchy Details on the New Display

The people familiar with the planned display couldn’t say whether the Apple Studio Display would be meant as a replacement for the Pro Display XDR or a fresh option (via 9to5Mac).

What the sources did reveal, however, was the new display would offer a 7K resolution. Currently, Apple’s Pro Display XDR has a 32-inch 6K (6016 x 3384) panel with 218 pixels per inch. The higher resolution on the Apple Studio Display could mean a higher pixel density or a larger panel.

apple Pro Display XDR with Mac Pro
Apple’s Pro Display XDR with a Mac Pro

If Cupertino maintains the 32-inch size for the Apple Studio Display, that would mean a pixel density of 245 PPI. Alternatively, Apple could bump the display to a larger 36-inch panel. Then, the display would keep the same 218 PPI pixel density as the Pro Display XDR.

Rumors Surrounding the Studio Display

In 2021, reports suggested Apple was testing a new display with a built-in A13 chip. More recently, other reports hinted at Cupertino planning to introduce a new external display in 2022 at half the price of the current Pro Display XDR. If the Apple Studio Display hinted at is the model with the dedicated Apple Silicon chip, it seems unlikely to be a candidate for a lower price point.

However, Apple has offered multiple sizes of its “Cinema Display” in the past. Perhaps the company is planning for the Apple Studio Display alongside smaller, less expensive versions of the Pro Display XDR for more casual users.

Launch dates for the Apple Studio Display remain unknown. Cupertino is holding a special event March 8, where it’s rumored to be introducing new Macs. It seems unlikely that we’ll see the new external displays prior to WWDC, though.

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    1. Yes, there are 8K televisions, but only one 8K computer monitor on the market right now. That one’s a single model by Dell. As of a month ago, none of the other display manufacturers had plans to produce an 8K display anytime this year. The majority of the high-end market is currently 4K and 5K. Apple’s 6K Pro Display XDR is considered one of the top of the market right now.

      1. Crazy, considering that a solid majority of desktop monitor market share by resolution is stuck at HD resolution, and the 2nd most popular is even lower resolution (which I have to assume is for cheapie mass market laptops).

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