Review: Mophie 3-in-1 Charger is a Sexy Unit for Apple Devices

Mophie announced its 3-in-1-charger in February. Billed as a travel charger it can charge your MagSafe iPhone 12 or later along with an Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time.

iPhone Travel Charger

Right off the bat I’ll say that I’m a big fan of this product. My headline alluded to something “sexy,” and it’s the felt carrying case. It feels luxurious in my hand and has a separate compartment for the charging unit, charging adapter that plugs into a wall socket, and the charging cord.

The charging module meant for iPhone or AirPods can fast charge your device at 15W of power. The charger for the Apple Watch doesn’t include the fast-charging capabilities introduced with the Apple Watch Series 7.

It can charge your device through cases up to 3mm thick. The entire charge itself folds into a slim profile. My measurements show almost seven inches long and almost two inches wide. Mophie has more accurate details for the charger itself: 3.15in x 12.3in (flat), 1.05in x 3.5mm (folded). It can definitely fit inside of a package or a large purse.

This product directly competes with the MagSafe Duo Charger Apple released a couple years ago. It costs $129 and charges your MagSafe iPhone or AirPods, and an Apple Watch. This product, although from Apple, doesn’t support fast charging the Apple Watch.

Overall I’m a fan of this product and it is a good accessory for traveling.

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