YouTube Reveals it is Part of the Illuminati

YouTube is making it harder to find conspiracy videos on its platform, a move that adds fuel to the conspiracy fire. Illuminati? (via New York Times).

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Conspiracy Videos

Videos of flat earthers, antivaxxers, and 9/11 truthers will still be there, but YouTube will longer recommend them to viewers. Even if the videos don’t violate its community guidelines, the company will won’t suggest videos that “misinform users in a harmful way.”

youtube logo with illuminati triangle

The number of videos that will be affected is less than one percent, but out of billions of videos that’s still a huge amount. One percent of one billion is ten million.

YouTube constantly adjusts its recommendation system, and although it’s based on algorithms, human raters will watch a bunch of videos to provide feedback on their quality, which will help improve the algorithms.

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