YouTube Updates Strike Guidelines

YouTube updated its Community Guidelines, introducing a new warning for creators that break its rules. It also said it was clarifying its strike system and “making the penalty for violating our Community Guidelines the same wherever it happens.”

New One-Off Warning

In a blog post published Tuesday, YouTube said that from February 25th all channels will now receive a one-off warning the first time they post inappropriate content. There will be no further action except that the problematic content will be deleted.

This warning will be in addition to its longstanding three strikes system. However, unlike strikes, the warning will not expire after 90 days. YouTube said it was introducing the warning because “we want to give you even more opportunities to learn about our policies.”

Three Strikes and You’re Out

The company also announced that the 3-strikes system will be extended to cover all content on the platform. This will include stories, custom thumbnails or links included in a video’s description.

Those strikes will now be applied consistently too, said YouTube. The first strike will result in a one-week freeze to uploading new content to a channel. This includes live streaming, as well as conducting other activities on the channel. After 90-days, that strike expires. However, if a user accrues a second strike in the 90-day period, they will be unable to upload new content for two-weeks. A third strike in the 90-day period will see a channel terminated. YouTube also pledged to make it clearer to users who got strike what policy they had violated so they can appeal if appropriate.

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