ZAGG Launches ‘Slim Book Go’, ‘Rugged Book Go’ iPad Keyboard Cases

Today ZAGG announced the launch of new keyboard cases: The Slim Book Go and Rugged Book Go. Both are available for the iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Pro 12.9-inch.

New Keyboard Options

The Slim Book Go features a detachable keyboard, laptop-style keys with seven different backlighting options, a built-in Apple Pencil holder, and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to two years on a single charge.

Image of zagg rugged book go
Rugged Book Go

It supports multi-device pairing so you can pair your keyboard with two devices at the same time, switching between them as needed.

The Rugged Book Go offers the same features, except its tough case can withstand drops up to 6.6 feet.

The Slim Book Go starts at US$99.99 and the Rugged Book Go starts at US$149.99.

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One thought on “ZAGG Launches ‘Slim Book Go’, ‘Rugged Book Go’ iPad Keyboard Cases

  • Andrew:

    I have the Zagg Slim Book Go. Although adverstised as new, it is the same folio keyboard that I bought a month ago. It’s a good option for anyone interested in a third party backlit keyboard folio case for the iPad Pro.

    The keys do not have as much travel as the Logitech, for those interested in that sort of thing (key travel is not a thing for me). The backlighting is good, and adjustable (high and low). The back stand gives you some viewing options. A major feature is the detachable keyboard, allowing you to use the back casing alone as a stand for viewing, which is handy for times when you do not want the keyboard. The detachable keyboard also can be convenient if you need to position the iPad differentially from you typing position. Compared to other third party offerings, the Slim Book Go is truly that; slim, low profile and does not add much bulk. As a result, however, it is not as protective as the moniker – challenged Logitech Slim Folio, which is many things, but not slim.

    The minuses, in my view, are that the case and keyboard feel a little less substantial than either the Brydge or the Logitech, or for that matter Apple’s Smart Keyboard. Another is that the keyboard sometimes detaches when being handled, so one has to be careful about lifting it by the keyboard alone.

    Thus far, my favourites remain the Apple Smart Keyboard for smallest footprint and portability, and even for the tactile feel of the keys, and the Logitech for a very different but pleasurable sensory typing experience in all settings, including in the dark, as well as for the added device protection.

    All that said, I do recommend it for anyone looking for backlit case that does not require rugged protection, particularly if on a budget.

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