The (In)Security Behind Trump's Twitter Account

According to an investigation of President Trump’s Twitter security, his account might be vulnerable to being hacked, although some disagree.

The source who shared information about Trump’s Twitter security said they don’t believe the account will be hacked, but that the risk should be kept in perspective. “Remember we are talking about access to a Twitter account, not access to the nuclear launch codes,” they said. “While the optics would be bad if the account were ever hacked, it would not be a national crisis.”

Tidbits Managing Editor Josh Centers (#5) - TMO Background Mode Interview

Josh Centers is the Managing Editor of and has published many Take Control (TC) books. He’s the author of Take Control of Apple TV and Take Control of Home Automation. He’s been writing the Take Control books for iOS since version 8, and his latest book is Take Control of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.

In his fifth appearance on the show, Josh and I explored his latest article (Aug. 30) at Tidbits that explores a controversial user interface issue in iOS 13. Josh is blunt about Apple’s questionable use of the ellipsis. We then took a 30,000 ft. view of the current disarray in the area of IoT, home automation and security. As an aside, Josh and I hypothesize about a new Apple product. We finished with a discussion of what sets iPadOS 13 apart from iOS 13.

iMessage and Safari Make iPhones Less Secure

Andy Greenberg writes about security problems in iMessage and Safari, saying that these products make iPhone less secure.

“If you want to compromise an iPhone, these are the best ways to do it,” says independent security researcher Linus Henze of the two apps…He and other iOS researchers argue that when it comes to the security of both iMessage and WebKit—the browser engine that serves as the foundation not just of Safari but all iOS browsers—iOS suffers from Apple’s preference for its own code above that of other companies.

Apple is in a tough position. If a company isn’t great at security, they could get a third-party to audit its software. But that would create a huge target.

FA Player: Watch Every WSL Women's Soccer Game For Free

The Women’s Super League (WSL) soccer season kicked-off in front of record breaking crowds in the UK over the weekend. In order to help boost the sport further, UK soccer’s governing body, The Football Association, released an online player broadcasting every WSL game live. It also provides match highlights after the full-time whistle. The FA Player is free and there is no subscription charge. It is available via web and iOS App Store.

Play the Civilization Game in Microsoft Excel

Want to explore a new gaming experience? A developer known as “s0lly” created a version of the Civilization game that works in Microsoft Excel. Called [Cell]vilization, you can download the spreadsheet form s0lly’s website. The game currently features: Two player game (BLUE vs GREEN), in a hot-seat environment; move units around using WASD; move the camera around the world map independently of unit movement; build different unit types in cities using 0-6 keys; multiple unit types available, each with their own statistics, with some having special abilities ( see the “Tiles” tab); unit movement speed is dependent on the ground it traverses; build new cities to produce more units, more often; one world, with a close-quarters or larger / longer game setting available; Fog of war. You can watch a video and download it here.

The Apple Watch is a Slow Burning Success

When Tim Cook first showed-off the Apple Watch it was not necessarily clear what it was for. But, said James Titcomb at the Telegraph, it has proved to be a success.

New gadgets rarely come out of the gates fully formed; technology is an iterative process. The problem for Cook was that the company’s previous products had delighted instantly. The appeal of the iPod and iPhone were obvious as soon as they were touched. The Watch, by contrast, has been that rare thing for Apple: a slow burner. Unlike its predecessors, which were close to the finished item when launched, the original Apple Watch felt like a prototype, one that has since developed it out in the open. More recent versions have dramatically improved. Apple has dispensed with any pretence of the Watch being a luxury good, and stopped attempting to squeeze aspects of the iPhone onto its small screen.