Catching an iPhone X...On a 130km/h

Having your iPhone fall out your pocket and break is pretty annoying, so it is particularly great if you or someone else catches it before it gets smashed on the ground. Well, that is exactly what Samuel Kempf did. Except he was on a rollercoaster travelling at 130 km/h (via iClarified). He posted the video to YouTube. It had been viewed nearly 5.2 million times at the time of this writing. In the description, Mr. Kempf explained:  “I was in Spain at Port Aventura on shambhala ride and saw the person a few rows ahead drop their IPhone X. long story short I caught it. this roller coaster is moving at over 130kms…was once Europe’s tallest and fastest coaster.. only recently beaten.”

Apple Changes App Store Algorithm to Address Antitrust Complaint

Apple is tweaking the App Store algorithm to make Apple apps less likely to appear in search results. This seeks to address complaints that the company unfairly uses the App Store to promote its own apps in favor of competition.

Mr. Schiller and Mr. Cue said the algorithm had been working properly. They simply decided to handicap themselves to help other developers.

“We make mistakes all the time,” Mr. Cue said.

“We’re happy to admit when we do,” Mr. Schiller said. “This wasn’t a mistake.”

I think the antitrust concerns about Apple have valid arguments, and I think this is a good move by Apple. Notice Phil Schiller gently correct Eddy.

Optimizing Storage, Migration, Snapshots, and Combo Updates – Mac Geek Gab 778

This isn’t the one after 9/9, it’s the one on 9/9! And that means it’s time to answer your questions and share your tips about optimizing your iPhone storage, managing your snapshots, ejecting pesky drives, finding a service better than Gazelle, and much more. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things right alongside John and Dave!

Apple's Fifth Avenue Store Gets a Rainbow Reopening

Apple’s glass cube retail store on Fifth Avenue is reopening, and it’s bedecked with rainbows to celebrate.

A filming crew was posted outside the cube, grabbing shots of passers-by photographing themselves with the new design. One of the crew members told Quartz they were filming “a new commercial” for Apple about the relaunched store, but wouldn’t go into any further detail.

I think it looks great.

Featured image credit: Quartz/Mike Murphy