TMO Daily Observations 2016-09-27: HealthKit for Diagnosis, Roku vs Apple TV

Apple wants HealthKit to track your overall health and become a diagnosis tool. Bryan Chaffin and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to discuss whether or not Apple is ready to expand HealthKit, and they also look at the state of Apple TV compared to Roku’s latest home entertainment appliance offerings.Bonus: Bryan lost his Apple Watch battery life bet with John.

Pay What You Want for The Award-Winning Mac Bundle

We have a new Pay What You Want deal called The Award-Winning Mac Bundle. It’s 13 Mac apps, including¬†Drive Genius 4,¬†The Hit List,¬†DeltaWalker 2 Pro,¬†Nisus Writer Pro,¬†Aurora HDR,¬†WinZip 5 Mac,¬†VPN Forever: 3-Yr Subscription,¬†Project Planning Pro,¬†Letter Opener for macOS Mail,¬†Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro,¬†Screen Grabber Pro,¬†eXtra Voice Recorder, and¬†PhotoStitcher. That’s a quality list of apps (and services). Pay anything, even a penny, and you get three of them. Beat the average price‚ÄĒ$11.12 and rising as of this writing‚ÄĒand get all 13. Beat the leader’s price, and you’ll earn an entry in an iPhone 7 giveaway.¬†You can read all the details on the deal listing.

TMO Background Mode: Interview with Founder & President of Bombich Software, Mike Bombich

Mike Bombich is the founder and president of Bombich Software, the developer of Carbon Copy Cloner. It’s a backup app for the Mac that has saved the day for many users. He started his career at Bowling Green State University studying aquatic ecology. But he also took computer science classes thinking that one day he would do scientific simulations of ecological systems. Soon, Mike discovered that he had a strong interest the software development process itself. Later, Mike worked for a tech support organization and discovered the real need for software that could back up the new Mac OS X launched in 2001. He created CCC. That got the attention of Apple and landed him a job working on technical solutions for professionals. Mike tells the story about how this app changed his life.