An Apple Health Concept Imagines a Motivational Health App

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

9To5Mac shared an Apple Health concept someone put together. It completely reimagines the Health app to be more motivational, similar to what the Apple Watch does. Now, these Apple concepts come and go, but I personally love this one. I think it would be great if the Health app could be more proactive, instead of just being a repository of health data and medical records. Plus, not everyone has an Apple Watch, so it would be nice to have an iOS app that acted more like an Apple Watch-esque fitness coach. The concept presents such things like a Weekly Focus (like monthly Activity Challenges), a Health Review, Activity Tips, Activity Sharing, Achievement Statistics, and better Health Insights. Those features—combined with a new UI design—gives the Health app a much-need facelift. If Apple is integrating machine learning into more of its services, the company should definitely cast a fresh eye at Health.

An Apple Health Concept Imagines a Motivational Health App

Apple Applies for a Patent on a Sealed Lightning Connector Tip

· Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Apple patent application for a liquid-tight seal Lightning connector, as published by Patently Apple

Apple had applied for a patent on a rather nifty idea: a Lightning connector with a tip that expands to form a liquid-tight seal. Patently Apple, which first spotted the patent application, has all the details, but the short version is that the male Lightning tip would be able to expand once plugged in, with the result being a liquid-tight seal. That has practical uses as protections from seals, but it could also be a key feature for underwater filming and other uses. This is an application, not yet a granted patent, but it’s the kind of invention I could see making it into the wild as a shipping product,

iPhone Addiction, Shenanigans with Kelly, Why TV Rocks/Sucks - Pop.0 Ep.32

· Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

In this TMO video podcast, Bryan Chaffin and John Kheit are (quite unbelievably) joined by the illustrious Kelly Guimont and discuss iPhone addiction, Shenanigans with Kelly (watch John shove foot directly in mouth). They also talk about why TV rocks, or sucks if you’re wrong, like John. They cap the show with a couple of show picks. (WARNING NSFW: PROFANITY & RANTS)

The Apple HomePod Giveaway

· Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

Apple HomePod Giveaway

Hey, check it out: we’re giving away an Apple HomePod with our friends at Stack Commerce. To enter, sign up for The Mac Observer’s deal emails—if you’ve already signed up, click the “Enter to Win” green button on the deal landing page. The Sweepstakes ends in 26 days, so giddy up!

Alexa's Laugh Demonstrates Pop Culture Blindsiding

· John Martellaro · Editorial

Scary, glowing eyes.

Our popular culture carries with it themes, pseudo-science, and technical fears. Woe to any company whose product missteps into that quagmire.

Alexa is Laughing at You and it's Creepy AF

· Jeff Gamet · News

Amazon Echo with ghost inside

The idea of having a voice assistant device in your home is already creepy for some people, and now it’s even worse because Amazon’s Alexa is spontaneously laughing.

Here's Why I'm Tired of Saying 'Hey Siri'

· Jeff Gamet · Editorial

HomePod with Siri

Saying “Hey Siri” is an awkward way to invoke Apple’s voice assistant platform. It’s time to drop the “Hey” and make talking to Siri feel more natural, like Amazon’s Alexa.

Apple Watch: How to Use Power Saving Mode During Workouts

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

Compare Apple Watches to find the one you need. Image of Series 3 LTE.

The Apple Watch has a built-in mode that’ll disable cellular functionality and the heart-rate sensor when you’re working out, meaning that you’ll get a big boost to your battery life. Today’s Quick Tip is all about how to enable this handy feature!

Paper Airplanes, Creepy Movie App Tracking, Voice Assistant Wars - ACM 452

· Bryan Chaffin · Apple Context Machine Podcast

Apple Context Machine Podcast Logo

In this episode, Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet geek out on paper airplanes, or more properly, powered paper airplanes! They also talk about MoviePass location tracking and the voice assistant wars (spoiler, not all home voice assistants are equal).

This App Controlled Engine Lets You Motorize Your Paper Airplanes

· Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Have you seen the Powerup 3.0? Get this: it’s a motorized propeller for paper airplanes. That’s right, you can make a paper airplane and stick a propeller on it and make it flyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Come on, that’s cool! It’s app-controlled, too, so you use the tilt-controls on your iPhone (or Android device, if—sigh—that’s your jam) to control your MOTORIZED PAPER FREAKIN’ AIRPLANE! Yeah, I know, sure, drones. Drones are cool, yo. I love drones. BUT I’M TALKING ABOUT A MOTORIZED PAPER AIRPLANE! The kit comes with a couple of fold-here paper airplane designs, and there are downloadable templates for other designs, but Ima totally make my own. They say you can get 10 minutes of fight out of one charge, and there’s a couple of different kits you can buy, including one with a stand and extra parts. Kits start at $49.99. I intend to get one and test the crap out of it. You know, because “work.”

This App Controlled Engine Lets You Motorize Your Paper Airplanes

Pzizz Pro 3-Year Subscription: $49.99

· Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

Pzizz Pro on iPhone

We have a deal on a three year subscription of Pzizz Pro. This service works through an app on your iPhone (or Android device, if that’s your jam). I haven’t tested it, but it’s well-liked by some famous folks, including JK Rowling. In any event, it uses “psychoacoustic principles to ease your mind and ensure your sleep is as regenerating as it should be.” A three-year subscription is $49.99 through us, 83% off retail.

Here's How To Protect Yourself From The iCloud Extortionists (Update)

· Andrew Orr · How-To

iOS two factor authentication

You may have read in the news that a hacker group is holding a number of iCloud accounts for ransom. If Apple doesn’t pay a certain amount of money by April 7, the hackers will reset the accounts and remotely wipe iOS devices. Andrew Orr shows us how to protect your Apple ID.