ACM 367: The Joy of iOS 10, Deleting Sideloaded Apps, and Fibonacci Fun

Jeff Gamet has been playing with iOS 10 on his iPad mini 4, and he can’t wait to get it on his iPhone. Why? It starts with the Lockscreen. Bryan and Jeff also talk about regulations in South Korea that might require smartphone makers to allow all preinstalled apps to be deleted by the user. They bookend the show having some fun with Fibonacci numbers.

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One thought on “ACM 367: The Joy of iOS 10, Deleting Sideloaded Apps, and Fibonacci Fun

  • Sorry Bryan, I’m going to have to call you ‘wrong’ again.
    You keep using that term “side loading” but I do not think it means what you think it means.

    I first heard the term used to refer to loading apps onto your phone by jailbreaking it. I checked the master reference of all Universal knowledge, Wikipedia, and it says ‘sideloading’ refers to loading apps or other data, not by downloading or uploading from a server but by transferring it from another device. The example they use is a PC owner who downloads music and apps and then ‘side loads’ it into their iPod.

    The word you are looking for is ‘preloading.’
    Sure, the Carriers are loading their junk onto the phone after Apple has already loaded their stuff onto it, but anything that is put on there before the user gets it has been ‘preloaded.’

    Ah, but finally there is a practical use for the Fibonacci series…

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