TMO Background Mode Interview with Journalist & TMO Contributor Charlotte Henry

Charlotte is a London-based technical journalist. She writes about Apple — and is now The Mac Observer’s newest regular contributor. She has also written for City A.M. (London’s daily business tabloid,) Computer Business Review, The Independent on Sunday and CapX. Her first book, Not Buying It, will be published in June.

I asked Charlotte how she got started in technical journalism. The first factor derived from the fact, that, as a youth, there were always new technical gadgets showing up in her home. The second was via her early interest in music creation on a Mac during her college years. We chatted about her first news blog and then meeting Jeff Gamet on the British Tech Network. Finally Charlotte shared some of her personal interests when she’s not writing: music, soccer and mystery novels.

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One thought on “TMO Background Mode Interview with Journalist & TMO Contributor Charlotte Henry

  • Hi John,

    I just got around to listening to this episode of BGM last night and while I’m glad you interviewed Charlotte, the audio quality on this episode was so horrendous that I’m actually surprised you put it out. There were dozens and dozens of times when Charlotte just cut out. I’m not asking for perfection, but when it’s bad enough that I’m left wondering – many, many times – what was actually said then something should’ve been done.

    Again, it’s a shame because it was an interesting episode … at least, the parts of it that were audible were.


    Old UNIX Guy

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