Parallels Dir. of Sales Engineers Victor Fiss – TMO BGM Interview

Victor Fiss has had a distinguished career leading teams to implement, integrate, and manage enterprise wide systems. As Director of Sales Engineers, he oversees coordination of pre-sales and post-sales delivery for Parallels solutions. He is responsible for the team’s goals and initiatives with sales, product management, development, and worldwide customer support.

Victor and I explored everything about Parallels Desktop on the Mac. What it is, how it works, supported OSes, support for Metal, external GPUs, games, working at home issues and support, macOS VM clients, adjustments at Parallels amidst COVID-19, embracing OS agnosticism, the Parallels Toolbox, the Remote Application Server, and a brief discussion of Parallels Desktop on ARM-based Macs. It’s all right here.

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4 thoughts on “Parallels Dir. of Sales Engineers Victor Fiss – TMO BGM Interview

  • I find that parallels limitation of using 2GB of video memory when I have an 8GB card.
    I though that specifically for gaming I would get a Razer External GPU enclosure with a Radeon 7 or the next Generation coming out later this year, but from what I have been reading Parallels can’t make use of the eGPU power either.

    Too constrictive.
    I wanna run high end games, but I guess I might just have to make my machine Duel Boot and kick parallels to the curb.

  • Need to go back to having a family plan.
    It is absurd that I need multiple licenses in my own house to do things for me and my kids.
    Too pricey.
    When I bought parallels 5 it had multiple user in the same household capability.

  • It is good to have choices, but the problem with Parallels Desktop is that it fails when used to control external machines (using Windows applications) via USB. VMware Fusion works great for that.

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