CPU Throttling on Older Macs – Mac Geek Gab 723

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It’s not just newer Macs that suffer from CPU throttling, it happens on older Macs, too, and a firmware update is not the easy fix. Keychains, Photo Sorting, Battery management tips, and doing the Public Wi-Fi Dance are just some of the other topics covered.

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2 thoughts on “CPU Throttling on Older Macs – Mac Geek Gab 723

  • The pmset -g comment got me thinking about a mystery Mac Pro that turns itself on despite no schedule in system preferences – energy saver and zapped PRAM and SMC. So I used sudo pmset -g sched which reported the .plist or launch agent for Carbon Copy Cloner. We forgot that is was configured to backup at 6:30 AM daily and wake or power up the computer to do so. Mystery solved, but I changed the advanced setting to turn the computer off when the backup task completes.

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