MGG 625: The Spotlight Clone Wars

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Faster chargers, ODB2 dongles, Mac vs. Windows File Paths, MacBook Pro specs, Dropbox, macOS Sierra and the Spotlight Clone Wars are all topics discussed in today’s Mac Geek Gab. In fact, they’re not just topics, they’re your questions answered! Plus, Dave and John go on a good photoanalysisd rant for good measure!

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Show Notes

Note: Shownotes are complete! Stuff mentioned: Chapters/Timestamps: 00:00:00 Mac Geek Gab 625 00:02:40 Les-Are faster chargers bad for our devices? 00:08:24 Michael-Spotlight Clone Wars 00:13:58 Roger-Handbrake and macOS Sierra 00:17:02 Update Homebrew 00:20:11 Ken-Mail has a Ghost in the Machine 00:23:40 SPONSOR: Gazelle 00:26:18 SPONSOR: TextExpander from Smile 00:29:27 SPONSOR: Casper - MGG saves $50 00:31:55 iBooks Syncing issue relates to iCloud 00:37:38 Lauren-Good ODB2 Device for Car Diagnostics? 00:43:57 David-Dropbox Syncing a Restored Backup 00:46:04 Synology CloudStation 00:31:55 iBooks Syncing issue relates to iCloud 00:49:19 Bob-Mac and Windows File Paths 00:56:07 Michael-MacBook Pro Capabilities 01:09:43 RANT ON: photoanalysisd! 01:16:26 Jason-iMessage and Data while traveling Abroad

One thought on “MGG 625: The Spotlight Clone Wars

  • In regards to photoanalysisd: I think this is the process that indexes photos by categories by analyzing objects and scapes on your photos. Apple mention this new feature when they first announced Photos for Sierra. I was actually looking forward to this feature as I was adding my own meta data to photos, like mountain, trees, lake, water, etc. It isn’t clear in Photos that this feature is even available. I found it by doing a search in Photos and noticed the search results were displayed under different headings. One of the headings is “Categories” and it appears to be the result of analysis done on the photos.

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