MGG 629: Not All USB-C Is Created Equal

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Considering migrating to a new Mac? How about thinking of a new Cable Modem? What about managing Wi-Fi speeds with lots of Apple devices which share their Wi-Fi networks via iCloud? Your fellow MGG listeners had those questions until they asked here and your two favorite geeks answered! Listen to John and Dave discuss all of this and more, including sharing some tips from you, too!

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Show Notes

Note: Show notes are complete! Stuff mentioned: Chapters/Timestamps: 00:00:00 Mac Geek Gab 629 00:01:21 Chuck-Is Sierra Safe Yet? 00:04:10 Mike-Nuke and Pave or Migrate? 00:08:36 Aaron-Migrating Mail to new Mac 00:15:29 Jon-Touch ID External Keyboard 00:19:01 Discussion about new MacBook Pros and Apple’s Thursday event 00:19:20 Apple's new TV app 00:23:35 USB-C is just port shape! 00:28:22 Thinness is next to… what? 00:29:00 Not all USB-C Is Created Equal 00:30:47 Still a confusing lineup 00:33:34 SPONSOR: Gazelle 00:36:02 Joe-My Mac Pro's Fans Sound like a Jet Engine 00:42:11 John-Time for a DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem? 00:55:28 A good note about Comcast 00:57:15 John-Managing Wi-Fi Speeds 01:08:15 Andrew-Managing Networks and Watches 01:16:33 Scott-628-DDoS and SYN packets 01:12:13 Paul-Amazon's Alexa stores your Wifi Password

One thought on “MGG 629: Not All USB-C Is Created Equal

  • Just to clarify the debate/discussion of MacBooks Pro vs MacBook Pros, it would depend on if Pro is part of the name or an adjective of the MacBook. The reason Attorneys General is correct is because the noun is Attorney and is what is counted, not the General which is an adjective of Attorney. So I believe since Pro MacBook would just as descriptive as MacBook Pro I would lean toward MacBooks Pro being more grammatically accurate, but I would most likely find myself following John F. Braun’s logic of going with what sounds better, “MacBook Pros”.

    thanks for a great podcast!!!

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