Headphone Safety, Big Sur, & Geek Challenges — Mac Geek Gab 854

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Big Sur continues to mature…and it continues to have some pesky little issues, too. Never fear, your two favorite geeks are here to answer your questions and help solve your problems. Listen as John and Dave talk through Big Sur, Headphone Safety, and share some Geek Challenges of yours with the Mac Geek Gab family. Press play and enjoy learning at least…five new things!

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One thought on “Headphone Safety, Big Sur, & Geek Challenges — Mac Geek Gab 854

  • In Show #854, to the user that had an iMac with a Fusion drive.
    That is what I was seeing as well with my 1TB Fusion drive. Everything always said things were fine, but the slowness was inconsistent. I was witnessing this in Catalina and possibly Mojave as well. I could never pin it down as to what the problem was.
    After thinking about things and discussing things with both of you, I opted for an external 1TB SSD from OWC. I have been running on that as my disk. It made a world of difference. It’s like I have a new mac. I strongly encouurage going that route. My guess is he will see a world of difference.

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