Tech Buying Mistakes, Privacy Updates – TMO Daily Observations 2019-02-01

Andrew Orr and John Martellaro chat with host Kelly Guimont about common tech purchasing mistakes and the latest international privacy news.

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One thought on “Tech Buying Mistakes, Privacy Updates – TMO Daily Observations 2019-02-01

  • Great show. Good issues raised. [again!! yay]

    As I understand it, once you put your data on someone else’s server, law enforcement doesn’t need a warrant to get your data. This is the big reason why the cloud is the wrong answer. I don’t hear privacy advocates making much noise about this and it’s existentially important.

    If you keep your data on your server in your possession, a warrant is required. As soon as you put data on a server that you don’t own, no warrant is needed.

    And a law like the one mentioned, if it takes the all cloud issues into consideration would be brilliant. The cloud, like the phone, has become an extension of our minds and both need to be treated as such. The surveillance economy/state might mean practicalities will prevent anything like -privacy- actually being enacted, though.

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