Creating the High Sierra USB Install Disk for a Hackintosh and Installing FreeBSD On a Power Mac G5 – Terminal Tinkering 3

If you’re ready to start installing your Hackintosh or breathing new life into an older Mac, this episode’s for you.

Show Notes

In this episode of Terminal Tinkering, Jeff Butts shows you how to create a High Sierra USB install disk for a Hackintosh. Then he dives into OpenFirmware on a Power Mac G5 to show you how to install FreeBSD on that aging Mac you're not quite ready to put out to pasture yet. When you create the install disk for your Hackintosh, you'll need some files beyond what the High Sierra installer loads onto your USB drive. These are:
  • The Clover bootloader. Download it from SourceForge
  • An APFS driver, found on InsanelyMac
  • Rehabman's FakeSMC fork
  • Intel Mausi Ethernet drivers from InsanelyMac (if you have an Intel 100-series motherboard)

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