Safari Click Tracking, Social Media Duty of Care – TMO Daily Observations 2019-04-08

Andrew Orr and Charlotte Henry join host Kelly Guimont to discuss the latest in Safari security, and a proposed UK law addressing online harm.

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One thought on “Safari Click Tracking, Social Media Duty of Care – TMO Daily Observations 2019-04-08

  • You’ll have to look hard for coverage, but the Australian parliament “rammed” through unthinkable and unworkable Social Media regulation laws on 3rd April.

    On the heels of ‘world-first’ anti-encryption laws imposing huge fines for corporations that don’t provide backdoors to all encrypted communications, the numb nuts in the Australian parliament have once again done the unthinkable to test the waters for other Five Eyes regimes.

    Don’t expect to hear about it in UK or US, but I guarantee your politicians are watching the implementation very closely.

    As for the Apple angle – Apple strenuously opposed the anti-encryption laws in Australia, but as in China, will ultimately abide by local laws. And it will for social media laws, as applicable.

    What you haven’t covered is the lunacy of holding a platform accountable for user content. Facebook and Twitter had protection from this UNTIL they rebranded themselves a NEWS services. Fantastic boost to stock prices, because news=influence. Remember the old CIA adage – we don’t need mind control, we have television.

    With influence, however, comes interference and government regulation. If you control the thoughts of the population, the government wants to control you. It will be sold to the population as keeping the children safe, just as Australian anti-encryption laws were. But nobody dared take politicians to task – How do you keep people safe by passing laws that require them to keep their house key under the doormat?

    You’ll notice no opposing view reported in that article. And that’s from a reputable tech news service, that normally publishes opposing views.

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