One thought on “Security Friday and Big Sur Updates – TMO Daily Observations 2020-11-13

  • Further to the Checking With Apple Servers saga. macOS is so beholden to checking in with Apple…
    You can’t open or save a file without the OS checking the Application’s permissions/malware status with Apple servers. You may have noticed the slowdown, when such a simple local operation as opening a file dialogue should be instant. [Much discussed on ATP.}
    Your computer is in no way your computer anymore. And I see a future in which more of the OS will migrate to the cloud, until your computer will be a cloud computer, whether you want it to be or not. This is a most disturbing, and virtually invisible change to personal computing, for Apple’s convenience and with already demonstrably dire user consequences… for the sake of a glitch.
    Microservices will be the cause of the tech apocalypse, the blackout, and I hate to say it, but Andrew’s Plaid, who openly admit [CNBC interview] they’re working in a murky regulatory environment as to who actually owns your data, the more they pass it around… will probably be at the centre of the financial blackout.

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