Thursdays with Bob: Rocky Road – TMO Daily Observations 2021-11-11

Dr Mac joins Kelly to discuss his rough upgrade path to Monterey, and point out some considerations you should make before clicking ‘upgrade.’

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2 thoughts on “Thursdays with Bob: Rocky Road – TMO Daily Observations 2021-11-11

  • This is pure my experience with a dozen or so machines I look after. I don’t think the issue with Monterey being a .0 or .1 release, I think the issue is trying to migrate legacy data settings. I have done fresh installs on the last 3 major upgrades, downloaded fresh versions of all available software and then pointed to configs or data on iCloud. Never had a problem. Only problem occurs when the software you need does not exist in Apple store or another vendor, that’s when I revert to the backup, just for those apps.

    I am not sure how compatible Time Machine is with iCloud based products. I have seen some conflicts in snapshot type backups. I do full third party backups as well.

    External drive by their nature are particularly unreliable, in my opinion. I only resort to one or two as a necessary evil and never in production.

    Just my perspective.

  • I wouldn’t bother debugging USB issues with Monterey 12.0.

    I have a USB 3 disk for Time Machine backups. This disk randomly disconnects when Time Machine is running.
    I have a USB 3.1 Gen 2 OWC dock for Time Machine backups. No problems using the dock.

    I don’t own a dock. So, I’d wait for 12.1 before debugging this nonsense.

    Other Monterey teething issues:

    Backblaze doesn’t work.
    There are issues with running an external monitor with a MacBook Pro with the laptop closed up. When you disconnect the external monitor & open the laptop, you’re greeted with a black screen.

    If you need your Mac for real work, wait to upgrade.

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