iOS 13.2 Developer Beta 1 Releases Today

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Image of apple’s settings app

Apple is seeding the iOS 13.2 developer beta 1 today, as well as iPadOS 13.2. This release brings the iPhone 11’s Deep Fusion feature.

PDF Expert 7 Updates With Dark Mode, PencilKit, More

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Readdle updated PDF Expert 7 recently, bringing new features like iOS 13’s Dark Mode. Other features include PencilKit for image annotation, multiple windows for better multitasking, and productivity gestures for iPadOS. From the blog post:

PDF Expert 7 features all the new gestures Apple has included in iPadOS. Be it the one-finger tap and drag gesture to select text, the three-finger pinch out to copy or cut text, three-finger swipe left/right to Undo or Redo, or the three-finger tap to bring up the contextual menu — it’s all here on your iPad with PDF Expert.

App Store: PDF Expert 7 – Free

Rebuilt Apple Maps Rolls Out for New York City

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Apple is rebuilding Apple Maps for the United States to add more details and accuracy, and it just rolled out for users in New York City.

iOS 13: Add an iMessage Name and Photo

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Gone are the days of manually adding photos to contacts. Instead use the iOS 13 feature to add an iMessage name and photo.

Hacker Claims New 'checkm8' Exploit Can Lead to Permanent Jailbreak

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Twitter use axi0mX posted about how a new iOS exploit called checkm8 could lead to a “permanent unpatchable bootrom exploit” for iPhone 4s to iPhone X.

What I am releasing today is not a full jailbreak with Cydia, just an exploit. Researchers and developers can use it to dump SecureROM, decrypt keybags with AES engine, and demote the device to enable JTAG. You still need additional hardware and software to use JTAG.

I’m sure governments around the world will be in touch.

iOS 13: How to Use Animoji Camera Effects

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In iOS 13 you can use Animoji and Memoji camera effects in iMessage and FaceTime. Here’s where to find the setting.

iOS 13: How to Add a Second Person to Face ID

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You can add a second person to Face ID on iOS devices. This is great for people who share their devices. Here’s how to do it.