Awesome ARKit is a Big List of ARKit Projects and Resources

Over on GitHub there is a curated list of ARKit projects and resources called Awesome ARKit. ARKit is Apple’s technology to enable augmented reality experiences for Apple devices. In this list you’ll find apps, tutorials, projects, and resources. Some of the tutorials include using ARKit with Metal, importing 3D models for ARKit, building an ARKit application with Unity, and a bunch more. Cool projects include ARSolarPlay, Boxify, ARPaint, cARd, pARtfolio, Measure, Ruler, and more. It’s a great list and I recommend you check it out, especially the list of ARKit apps.

Check Out This AR Business Card Concept

iOS developer Oscar Falmer tweeted a video of an AR business card concept. It shows someone holding up a business card of Oscar, and content like a website link, twitter link, buttons for contact, and a timeline of recent work appears in mid-air around the business card. There is so much potential in augmented reality, and companies like Apple are just getting started. iOS 12 will bring even more AR goodness with ARKit 2.0.