Jay Z Makes Huge Investment in Smart Home Tech

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Jay Z Makes Huge Investment in Smart Home Tech

Rapper, songwriter, businessman Jay-Z has reportedly made a huge investment in smart home tech recently. Through Marcy Venture Partners, Jay-Z sent $110 million into Wyze Labs’ coffers. That brings the smart home device maker’s total funding to date to $146 million. The smart home tech company, founded in 2017 by Amazon veterans, has more than 300 employees. The work Wyze is doing with AI and camera technology will definitely. benefit from the extra cash.

“We are doubling down and investing heavily to build world-class artificial intelligence into our camera products,” Wyze co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Dave Crosby told GeekWire in a recent piece. “Just in the last year, our AI team has built person detection, vehicle detection, package detection and pet detection into our cameras. “Right now we have AI features in the works that we truly think will be game-changing for any camera, let alone one that costs less than $36.”

Tidal May be Only 6 Months from Collapsing

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Tidal's cash flow will hold out for only six months

Tidal’s days in the streaming music market may be numbered. The company is reportedly hemorrhaging money and has enough cash left to stay afloat for only six more months.

Jay-Z, Kanye Show Tidal Isn't So Exclusive After All

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Kanye West ends exclusive streaming music deal with Tidal

It seems it isn’t all puppy dogs and rainbows for Tidal because company co-founder Jay Z’s new album 4:44 is now available on competing streaming music services and Kanye West just ended his exclusivity deal over a payment dispute.

Jay Z Ditches Apple Music and Spotify for Exclusive Streaming on Tidal

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Jay Z pulls his album catalog from Apple Music and Spotify

It looks like Tidal co-owner Jay Z doesn’t think Apple Music and Spotify are cool any more because he pulled his albums from the streaming music services. It looks like just his original content is gone while collaborations with other artists are still available.