PopSockets Has Special Gifts for iPhone Moms

Accessory maker PopSockets has some products ready for Mother’s Day 2021. First, a gift guide shares various examples of its iPhone attachment in different designs. Other products include a bicycle mount, car vent mount, and others. Second, the company has a tool to design a custom PopSocket for your mom. The gift guide products and custom PopSockets range in price from US$10 – US$64.95.

App ‘Winnie’ Helps Connect Parents to Available Childcare Providers

On Tuesday Apple shared the story of Winnie, an app that helps connect parents to childcare providers with openings.

Winnie is the brainchild of Chief Executive Officer Sara Mauskopf, 36, and Chief Product Officer Anne Halsall, 37, who met while working at the same startup six years ago. Both were mothers with young children, and knew how challenging it could be to find quality childcare.

Apple Watch Wants You to Walk/Run/Roll 1 Mile on Mother's Day

Apple’s next Activity challenge will be Mother’s Day, when you’ll be able to earn an Apple Watch badge for walking, running, or wheelchairing a mile or more. 9to5Mac uncovered a reference to the challenge, as well as images of the badge you’ll be able to get. Apple has done special holiday challenges several times before, including Thanksgiving 2016, New Year’s Day 2017, and Earth Day 2017. This Mother’s Day challenge may be U.S.-only, as not every country has a Mother’s Day, and they don’t share the same date. I love these Activity challenges. It’s just a badge, and you can’t do anything with it, but darned if I don’t want to earn them when they’re offered. Accordingly, do your mother proud and get to moving on Mother’s Day, which is Sunday, May 14th this year.