Charge Anything, Anywhere With the Omni Off-Grid

A new product on Indiegogo I was recently made aware of is the Omni Off Grid charger. It’s a portable power station great for camping and emergency situations. It features an LED display, four USB-C ports, 12V/12A cart port, dimmable light with an SOS alert, four USB-A ports, XT60 and Anderson 400W int put port, Aviation 300W input/output port, and four AC outlets at 1500W output with 3000W surge. You can power it with an optional solar panel (US$299). The Off Grid charger starts at US$1,649 and the team has already surpassed their financial goal.

CES - Seedsheet Launches Garden Guru Soil Sensor

Vermont-based AgTech startup Seedsheet, today unveiled its newest product, the Garden Guru Sensor, a Bluetooth-enabled soil sensor that provides users with precise, real-time data to facilitate maximum plant growth and ensure everyone’s gardening experience reaps the benefits of homegrown food. The discreet, Bluetooth-enabled sensor tracks real-time data for soil moisture, UV light exposure and ambient temperature of the garden environment for optimal growing conditions. The sensor has a wide Bluetooth range for easy monitoring throughout the day and enough battery power to last through a full gardening season. Designed for any of Seedsheet’s garden kits or for the conventional grower, users can simply place the sensor in their garden and monitor the “dirt data” from the Garden Guru companion app. Through the app, users can receive updates from their garden in which they can track germination progress and receive automated tips and video tutorials throughout the lifecycle of the garden, prolonging the harvest and ensuring multiple meals. Geo-location feature also integrates with weather APIs for real-time weather updates for users to track in their region.