Check out This Absurdly Awesome Door

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Check out this crazy, this stupidly cool door. It was created by one Warwick Turvey, who is, of course, an Aussie, because [Oz]. And yeah, sure, it has a hole in the door where the handle is, but who cares?!? That’s how cool it is! According to various sources who have mentioned Mr. Turvey’s work, he was inspired by video games. This YouTube incarnation of the video mentions unnamed art as an inspiration, too. All I want to know is how it’s possible that EVERY door doesn’t work this way now that we’ve seen it done!

TMO Background Mode Interview with Science Fiction Novelist Steven Brust

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Steven Brust on Background Mode

Steven Brust is a popular science fiction author with 31 novels to his credit. He’s known for the Vlad Taltos series as well as the Khaavren romances. He’s also a musician: drummer, guitarist and banjo player, and he has a solo record out, A Rose For Iconoclastes. Like many writers, as we pondered on the show, he has a cat. We chatted about his early career as a computer programmer and the life-changing event that launched him into writing science fiction. Steven’s career has been filled with a fortunate series of happenstances, “luck,” both in the cover art of his novels and his choice of themes. Inspired by Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light, Steven writes what he’d love to read himself, and that has worked amazingly well. You’ll enjoy our chat about all things science fiction.