Did Apple Fix the Screen Time App Limits Disappearing Bug?

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Screen Time app limits are disappearing across Apple devices, causing parents to scream in terror as their children continue to access devices and apps well beyond the intended limit. Considering the importance of the situation, let’s take a look at why this is happening and what you can do about it.

What Is the Apple Bug In Screen Time Parental Controls?

It’s not entirely clear what is actually causing the bug in Apple’s Screen Time Parental Controls, though the major bug seems to be that the Screen Time settings will randomly deactivate. Apple made attempts to fix this in iOS 16.5, though many continue to have the issue within iOS 17. While it does not seem as random as it once was, those within the Apple Support Community seem to agree that the primary source of this bug involves the “One More Minute” feature. The largest problem is that this feature randomly bypasses the Parental Controls altogether.

One theory proposed by a user who allegedly spoke to Apple seems to point to a problem with Screen Time settings being stored within the Family Organizer’s iCloud account. According to the source, iCloud is not storing these settings permanently, causing parents to not receive an alert when children request more time. However, though Apple has acknowledged the bug, the company has not issued an official reason for the issue.

Currently, Apple’s suggestion is to simply reset the parent and child’s iPhone, though there is something else that may potentially work as well.

Did Apple Finally Fix the Screen Time App Limits Bug?

With the One More Minute feature being the primary source of the Screen Time App Limits bug for many, some users are recommending disabling One More Minute so that children are unable to bypass it. Though Apple made attempts to fix the bug in iOS 16.5, many are still experiencing it.

Parents and guardians may also want to consider moving to a third-party app, such as Bark – Parental Controls or Kidslox – Parental Controls. Also, be sure to check for software updates often via Settings > General > Software Update.

While this isn’t an ideal scenario for parents, it’s what is happening until Apple is able to fix the bug in either iCloud or Screen Time. The internet and technology is addicting for everyone, especially young minds. Set boundaries when you’re able, but remember that some boundaries with tech may be good for you as well.

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