How to Use and Edit Widgets in macOS Big Sur

Widgets have been a feature in macOS for a while, and they again appear in the notifications menu in Big Sur. There are a couple of ways to access and edit them.

Use Widgets in macOS Big Sur

The two ways to access widgets in macOS Big Sur are:

  1. Click on the time and date in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Two-finger swipe-left on your trackpad.

They will then show in the notification center on the right-hand side of your display.

How to Edit

  1. Open widgets as described above.
  2. Click ‘Edit Widgets’
    macOS Big Sur Edit Widgets
  3. Click the ‘-‘ sign next to items you no longer want to be available in the Notification Center.
  4. Press ‘+’ sign next to any items you want to add. This can be moved by holding and dragging.
    macOS Big Sur Add remove widgets
  5. When you’re happy with the arrangement, click ‘Done’

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