C-Command Software Offers 25% Off Black Friday 2020 Sale

Black Friday text on black brick background.

Software company C-Command is offering 25% off all of its Mac apps with the code BLACKFRIDAY2020.

C-Command Black Friday Sale

You can pay with Apple Pay, PayPal, bank transfer, or a credit/debit card.

  • DropDMG: An easy way to create and work with Mac disk images (DMG files). US$18.74
  • EagleFiler: Organize files, archive e-mails, save Web pages and notes, search everything. US$37.49
  • SpamSieve: Save time by adding powerful spam filtering to the e-mail client on your Mac. US$22.50
  • ToothFairy: Connect AirPods (or other Bluetooth headphones) to your Mac with a single click or keypress. US$4

Entering your serial number you receive via email into a demo version of DropDMG, EagleFiler, or SpamSieve turns it into the fully licensed version.

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