Can You Use an Apple Pencil with Google Docs? What to Know

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If you’re like me, sticking with just Apple products isn’t always easy. For example, people at work like other devices and applications, for some reason, which is why I wanted to find out how to use an Apple Pencil with Google Docs. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of the answer. Let’s look.

Can You Use an Apple Pencil with Google Docs?

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, there is no way to use an Apple Pencil with Google Docs on your iPad. Right now, there is no compatibility between the Apple Pencil and Google apps. Even worse, there are no cool tricks to bypass this, either. The only real workaround is importing your Google Docs project into an app that supports Apple Pencil. You can export Google Docs documents from the main screen via Three Dots > Share & export > Send a copy on a document.

What’s more, according to some users on Reddit from a while back, they use Word as an alternative so they can use an Apple Pencil, but mileage may vary, and this may not work with your workflow. Additionally, while this may not be the greatest news, know that there are some great note-taking apps available for the iPad that work with the Apple Pencil. Essentially, you can convert a Google Doc to a PDF or .docx file and then import it into another app that supports Apple Pencil.

Of course, if you want to let Google know your thoughts on this, you can always submit feedback through the Google Docs app. Simply go to Three dots > Help & feedback from the menu bar in Google Docs to let the company know how you feel about its device implementation.

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