Apple Vision Pro Battery Not Charging? Juice It with Our Solutions

  • Using the Apple Vision Pro or syncing to iCloud while charging the battery may make the charging process take longer.
  • Do not plug in the charging cable if you suspect liquid is in the charging port.
  • Remember that you can check your battery in Control Center.
Apple Vision Battery Charging March 2024 Featured

Having issues with an Apple Vision Pro battery not charging may make you want to bag up the entire device and throw it off a bridge. While this may provide a temporary reprieve, my guide below covers some solutions that will help better in the long term. Let’s take a look.

How To Fix Apple Vision Pro Battery Not Charging

If your Apple Vision Pro battery is not charging, remember that you need to use an Apple 30W power adapter and USB-C cable. A power adapter that came with your iPhone, for example, will not work. However, users within the Apple Support community are also suggesting that you should completely run the battery of the Vision Pro dry and then charge it back to full power. You can also learn more about the Apple Vision Pro battery here. If you’re having problems with your battery, letting it drain and recharge may be just what you need.

The steps will look something like this:

Time needed: 15 minutes

To fix an Apple Vision Pro battery not charging:

  1. Allow the Apple Vision Pro battery to drain to 0%. You will receive a warning that the headset will shut off. During this time the device will then power down and a pulsing light of amber will flash on the battery light.

  2. Once the battery is entirely dead, wait five minutes.

  3. Plug the battery into your USB-C charger and Apple 30W power adapter. Wait five minutes for the device to recharge and boot on.

From here, the device should behave and charge as normal. If not, you may want to consider talking with Apple Support. Some users on Reddit are reporting that they were able to get the battery swapped at an Apple Store the same day, though your mileage may vary.

You may also want to consult our guide on portable chargers and battery packs for the Vision Pro. While the Apple Vision Pro is certainly some cutting-edge tech, lithium-ion batteries can be a tad capricious. Ensure you’re doing your best to take care of your device’s battery.

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