Vision Pro Portable Chargers and Battery Packs: What You Need To Know

  • You can extend your Vision Pro battery life with a portable charger.
  • You need a battery pack that can output at least 30W, but 65W is better.
  • Third-party manufacturers tend to overestimate capacity and output.

If you own an Apple Vision Pro and use it away from your Mac, you should consider getting third-party portable chargers to extend your runtime. With added battery packs, you can use your Apple headset for several hours while staying mobile. You can also top up your Vision Pro more quickly with a higher-capacity power adapter.

Charging Your Vision Pro

Apple has several power adapters that are compatible with the Vision Pro.

Your Apple Vision Pro comes with a 30W power adapter that works great and carries the Apple brand, so you know it’s safe to use. It takes up to two and a half hours to charge the Vision Pro’s battery with the included adapter, but you don’t have to wait that long if you pick up a compatible charger that can deliver more power. The Vision Pro battery is quite unique and it’s worth learning more about it.

In an iFixit teardown of the Apple Vision Pro, the battery was identified as having a total capacity of 35.9Wh. That’s an important number to note when shopping for portable chargers.

For example, Apple’s online store shows the 30W, 35W, 70W, 96W, and 140W USB-C power adapters are compatible with the Vision Pro. If you’re looking for a quicker charge, the question becomes how much power the Vision Pro battery can handle.

Redditor Interesting-Law5254 reports measuring Vision Pro charging at up to 65W when using a more powerful charger. WhereIsYourMind tested their 140W MacBook Pro power adapter and noted that 60W was the highest measurement.

That suggests a power adapter or battery pack rated at 65W will deliver sufficient power to charge your Apple Vision Pro as quickly as possible. Here are the top recommendations.

Your MacBook Pro Charger

MacBook Pro models come with a power adapter that’s at least 60W, so that would be a good choice to charge your Apple Vision Pro. Of course, using a wall adapter limits your movement. The ability to walk to another room without leaving your computer behind is one of the nicest features of the Vision Pro.

Portable Charger Specifications

Apple’s Vision Pro battery uses a special connector so you can’t plug a USB-C cable directly into your headset to extend runtime. Instead, you need to use the USB-C port on the Vision Pro battery to charge it as if using a power adapter.

A battery pack that can act as a portable 30W PD charger matches the adapter bundled with the Vision Pro, but it’s better to aim for 60W or greater since third-party manufacturers tend to be overly generous with estimations of power output and total battery capacity.

Here are some options that Vision Pro owners have confirmed to work well.

1. Anker 27k Portable Charger

Anker Prime Power Bank 27,650mAh includes an iPad app.

Vision Pro owners are impressed by Anker’s 27,650mAh Prime Power Bank. Redditor princess-catra posted a photo showing a companion iPad app that runs on the Vision Pro, showing the charging status in real-time within the headset, an estimate of recharging time, and its own battery level.

This might be the best solution but it isn’t cheap at $180. Still, it reportedly charged a Vision Pro from zero to 100% in 37 minutes. Anker describes this as a 250W model, but the single port output is up to 140W. That’s more than enough but shows how tricky battery specifications can be.

The total capacity is 99.5Wh, so it should completely refill your Vision Pro battery more than twice. The downside to such a large battery is the 1.5-pound weight. If your goal is to maintain portability, a smaller, lighter battery might be a better choice.

The Anker 27,650mAh Prime Power Bank is the best portable charger you can buy for your Vision Pro. It appears again and again as a battery pack Vision Pro owners use and recommend.

2. Anker 12k Portable Charger

Anker Prime Power Bank 12,000 mAh appears on a white background.

The same person tested the smaller Anker 12,000mAh Prime Power Bank that can output 65W to a single USB-C port, enough to enable quick charging. Anker didn’t list the total capacity but it would be about 43Wh, so it provides one full charge of your Vision Pro battery with a little bit of power remaining to top up your iPhone or AirPods case.

Both the $90 price and 13oz weight are more attractive unless you need more than five hours of mobile runtime.

Anker’s 12,000mAh Prime Power Bank is a lightweight option that can quickly charge your Vision Pro to full capacity.

3. Baseus Portable Charger

Baseus 30,000mAh Portable Charger appears on a white background.

The 30,000mAh Baseus portable charger can output 65W to one USB-C port and it’s available in white to match your Vision Pro. Adam Kontras mentioned using the Baseus in the Apple Vision Pro Facebook community, and it’s quite affordable at less than $60.

It weighs just 10oz, so the total capacity might be less than advertised. The Amazon listing mentions it will be more than 18,000mAh, which sounds more believable.

The Baseus 30,000mAh portable charger is a low-cost alternative that some Vision Pro owners have found to be a good solution.

4. HenHot Portable Charger

HenHot 30,000mAh Portable Charger appears on a white background.

HenHot’s 30,000mAh power bank can output up to 100W on the USB-C port. In the same Apple Vision Pro Facebook post, Ty Hurd said he’d tried three different portable chargers, including a 24,000 mAH Anker model, the Baseus charger mentioned above, and this HenHot charger.

At 10oz and a cost of $70, it sounds similar to the Baseus. However, HenHot claims that it has a total capacity of 114Wh. Several Amazon reviews say that the estimate is too high and 72Wh was more realistic.

HenHot’s 30,000mAh power bank works well for some Vision Pro owners and boasts a huge capacity despite the low price.


If your Vision Pro isn’t charging when connected to a power adapter or a battery pack charger, make sure you’re using a USB-C cable that can handle the amount of power being delivered. Some USB-C cables are rated at only 15W and will limit the charging rate and become hot during use.

If your Vision Pro or its battery gets hot, the flow of energy will be limited to allow cooling. Apple intelligently throttles charging speed to maintain battery health and protect your safety. Move your Vision Pro to a cool room and keep it out of sunlight for the quickest cooling.

Why settle for a couple of hours of use when traveling? Your Vision Pro can last for hours with affordable third-party battery packs that serve as portable chargers.

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