Apple One Individual Vs. Family: Which One is Cheaper?

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An Apple One subscription plan is a great way to save money on streaming services. It packages popular services such as Apple Music and Apple Arcade and bills at one low monthly price. However, there are a few different tiers to choose from, with Apple One Individual and Family being the two most popular. Keep reading to find out what the difference is and which is best for you.

What is the Difference Between Apple One Individual Vs. Family

The biggest difference between an Apple One Individual and an Apple One Family subscription is the number of users who have access. An Apple One Individual plan is only good for one subscriber. That means the Apple ID that pays for the service is the only one that has access to its features.

In comparison, Apple One Family lets the primary account holder share the benefits. You can have up to five people on an Apple One Family account. This represents a major savings as the Family plan only costs $6 more than the Individual one. Additionally, Apple One Family comes with extra cloud storage space. The Individual tier includes 50GB of iCloud storage, whereas the Family tier has 200GB of shared space.

What is the Same Between Apple One Individual Vs. Family

Outside of who can use Apple One, the Individual and Family plans offer identical services. Both tiers come with Apple TV+, Apple Music, and Apple Arcade. Finally, both plans include iCloud storage, but the amount of space differs.

What Are the Other Apple One Subscription Options?

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In addition to the Apple One individual and Apple One family tiers, there is also a Premier option. This is the ultimate subscription plan, as it also comes with Apple Fitness+ and Apple News+. The other major benefit is a whopping 2TB of iCloud storage space.

Like the Family option, you can share the benefits of this plan with five other people. However, the Premier plan comes with a very high price tag of $37.95 per month.

How Much is Apple One Individual Vs. Family?

An Apple One Individual subscription costs $19.95 per month. This seems like a lot, but it actually saves you $9 per month over purchasing each service individually. The Family plan costs $25.95 per month, which saves at least $11 per month based on the extra cloud storage. However, the savings go up astronomically depending on how many people you share the benefits with.

Can You Share Apple One Individual?

You cannot share an Apple One Individual subscription. The reason is that subscriptions to Apple Music and other services on an iPhone are tied to a user’s Apple ID. Therefore, you cannot simply sign in to someone else’s Music, Arcade, or TV+ account without signing out of your Apple ID. However, you could theoretically share Apple Music or TV+ to use on an Android device or a streaming box.

Is Apple One Family Worth the Cost?

An Apple One Family subscription is definitely worth the cost if you have friends or family members who will benefit from the service. Spending an extra $6 will keep them from each spending $19.95 on an Individual plan. Best of all, each Apple user has their own account when sharing benefits, so no one will see your Music playlists or your iCloud storage.

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