On October 30, 2020 – the Apple One services bundle launched. There are three tiers, and, now the Fitness+ is here, all the services in the Premier tier are now available. If you use a lot of these products, you may be wondering which tier is best for you.

Picking the Right Apple One Tier

First of all, this is what all the individual services cost if you pay for each one on a monthly basis.

Apple Services Price Breakdown

Service Price (US$)
iCloud 50 GB 0.99
iCloud 200 GB 2.99
iCloud 2TB 9.99
Apple TV+ 4.99
Apple Arcade 5.99
Apple News+ 9.99
Apple Fitness+ 9.99
Apple Music 9.99
Apple Music Family Sharing 14.99

Here is how this all breaks down when compared to the Apple One bundle:

Apple Services Price Breakdown

Tier Name Bundle Price (US$) Total a la Carte (US$) No TV+ (US$) No TV+ Or Arcade (US$) A la carte With iCloud, TV+, Music (US$) Bundle & Fitness+ (US$)
Individual (iCloud 50GB, TV+, Arcade, Music) 14.95 21.96 16.97 10.98 15.97 24.94
Family (Individual + 200GB and Music Sharing) 19.95 28.96 13.97 17.98 22.97 29.94
Premier (Family + 2TB + News+, Fitness+) 29.95 55.94 50.95 44.96 29.97

There are obviously a number of factors to consider when deciding which version of Apple One, if any, is for you. January 2021 is the last month early subscribers will get Apple TV+ free, for instance. Those with a new iPhone 12 get three months of Arcade for free.  Your first three months of Fitness+ are free too. Furthermore, if you pay for any or all of these services on an annual basis, again, the math may not work in your favor. However, a lot of regular users could save money by signing up to an Apple One bundle either now or in a couple of months time.

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