How To Change iCloud Payment Method on iPhone, Mac, and Web

  • Updating your iCloud payment method can be done on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, or via internet browser.
  • Ensure your new payment method is valid and has sufficient funds before carrying out the operation.
  • Ensure you enter the new payment details accurately to ensure a smooth process.
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Is iCloud rejecting your attempts to change your payment method? It certainly can get disturbing if this happens when you’re only days away from having your iCloud storage subscription cut off. Fortunately, we have got you covered.

Let me walk you through the correct steps to change your Apple iCloud payment method. Afterward, we’ll see what you may be doing wrong this whole time so you can avoid it in future. Finally, I’ll answer a few more questions you may have about the process.

How Do I Change My Apple iCloud Payment Method?

Before changing payment method, you need to make sure a few things are in place:

  • Ensure your new payment method is valid and has sufficient funds. You can find a list of acceptable payment methods for Apple iCloud here. Now, Apple is very vague on the subject and doesn’t include specifics. So, you’ll need other do your due diligence and confirm from your bank if they support payments to Apple. When you have done that, fund your payment method adequately.
  • If your goal is simply to remove an existing payment method, note that you must have another method set up for payments to default to. Apple strictly stipulates that you must have at least one valid payment method at any point in time.

Now, let’s get to work. To change payment method for iCloud, you need to add a new method in Payment & Shipping in Settings, and then delete the current payment method. The process is easy to perform on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even on on a PC. Let me walk you through the nuances of the process on each of these devices.

How Do I Change My Payment Method on My iPhone or iPad?

All iCloud and Apple ID payment methods can be managed in Settings > Payment & Shipping. That’s how we’ll change your Apple iCloud payment method too.

Time needed: 2 minutes

To change iCloud payment method on iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Select your name at the top of the Settings screen.

    Click your name at the top of the Settings screen

  3. Select Payment & Shipping and sign in if prompted.

    Select Payment & Shipping

  4. Select Add Payment Method

    Select Add Payment Method

  5. Fill in the details for your new debit or credit card. Tap Done when you have finished entering the details.

    Fill the card details and click Done to save the changes

  6. Select the Edit button in the top-right corner of the Payment & Shipping screen.

    Select Edit in the top-right corner of the Payment and Shipping screen

  7. Tap the red minus button next to the old payment method to delete it.

    Click the minus icon next to the card you want to remove and select Remove in the po-up

Now, let’s see how to set this up if you’re trying to change your iCloud payment method on your Mac.

How Do I Change My Payment Method on My Mac?

To change your iCloud payment method on a Mac:

1. Open the App Store in the dock or in Launchpad.

Open App Store in the Dock or in Launchpad

2. Click your name at the bottom of the left-hand menu bar if you’re signed in to iCloud on this Mac. If not, click Sign In.

Click your name at the bottom of the left hand menu bar

3. Click Account Settings.

Select Account Settings at the top of the window

4. Find Manage Payments next to Payment Information and click it to manage your payments methods.  On older macOS versions, click Edit next to Payment Type.

Click Manage Payments in the Account Information window

5. Click Add Payment and fill in the details of the new payment method. When you’re done with that, click Done to go back to the Manage Payments window.

Click Add Payment Method to add a new payment method

6. Now click Edit next to the old payment method and Remove Payment in the next window.

Click Edit next to the old payment method and then select Remove Payment Method

Next, let’s change your iCloud payment method on a PC.

How Do I Change My Payment Method on PC?

If you have a PC or a Mac running an older version of macOS that has iTunes (pre-Catalina), these are the steps to change your iCloud payment method:

1. Open iTunes.

2. In the menu bar at the top of the app window, click the account button, then View My Account.

Click Account in the iTunes menu bar, then choose View My Account
Image Credits: Apple

3. Sign in if you haven’t already.

4. Click Manage Payments, then Add Payment (On an older version of iTunes, find Payment Type in the Account Information window and click the Edit button to its right).

Click Manage Payments then select Click Add Payment
Image Credits: Apple

5. Input your new credit/debit card details and click Done to save the new payment method.

Fill the details of the new payment method and click Done
Image Credits: Apple

6. Click Edit next to the old payment method in the Manage Payments window, and Remove Payment Method in the following window to delete the old details.

Image Credits: Apple

Finally, let’s see the process for making this change.

How Do I Change My Payment Method on

Changing your iCloud payment method online can actually only be done on the website, but let me show you how to navigate there from

1. Go to in Safari and sign in with your Apple ID and password.

Go to and sign in with your Apple ID and password

3. Click your name to view iCloud settings and choose the Settings tab.

Click your name to go to iCloud Settings

4. Click the link under Apple ID Settings to redirect to

Click the link under Apple ID Settings to go to

5. Select Payment Methods in the left-hand column.

Select Payment Methods in the left menu bar

6. Click Edit next to the current payment method.

Click Edit next to the old payment method

7. Enter the details for your new payment method and click Update to save your changes.

Enter the details of the new card and cllick Update to save changes

There, you now know how to update your iCloud payment details so you don’t default on your iCloud storage plan, Apple Music or Apple TV subscriptions.

Now, let’s tackle customers’ common problem with updating their iCloud payment method.

Why Is Apple Declining My New Payment Method?

Your preferred payment method could be rejected for iCloud payments if either Apple does not offer support for it. So, check out Apple’s list of supported methods per region to ensure you’re not trying to use a debit card in a “Most Credit Cards” zone.

On the other hand, your financial institution may not support using its cards for payments to Apple. This is often a function of currency differences and an unstable foreign exchange market. So, consult your financial institution to confirm the services they allow on their cards. You may need to ask for your card to be activated for international transactions.

If you have enquired and confirmed that both Apple and the bank allow your intended payment method, and it’s still being rejected, check if the card is sufficiently funded. To add a credit or debit card, you must have the purchasing power to pay for iCloud services. If the card is under-funded, Apple will reject it.

When you’re done with that, check the payment information you entered for errors. Check that the card number, CVV, name and billing address are accurate. If any of these are incorrect, your financial institution will not validate the card.

If none of the above work, try using a different payment method or contact Apple Support.

Why Can’t I Add Funds to My Apple ID?

You may find it hard to add funds to your Apple ID from your iCloud payment method if you’re part of a family sharing group but not the family admin/organizer. To add funds to such an account, you need to buy and redeem iTunes Gift cards to the account.

If that is not the problem, try completing the transaction on another Wi-Fi network. You need a good internet connection to access iTunes and App Store. If your connection seems to be solid, try restarting your device. If that still does not work, reach out to iTunes Support.

What Happens if You Stop Paying For iCloud Storage?

If you stop making payments on your iCloud+ plan, and your iCloud storage exceeds the 5GB free storage, iCloud won’t sync or update your information. Contrary to many people’s fears, photos, videos, and files you have on iCloud will not be deleted. You will get iCloud sync again when you renew your subscription or delete files to free up space in iCloud.

Also, iCloud+ features such as Hide My Email will be unavailable until your renew your subscription.


Changing your payment method on any device should be a breeze for you now. Don’t thank me; what are friends for? I’ll even take it a step further. Let me hook you up on this simple guide to changing your iCloud email.

Did you run into any problems while changing your payment method using this guide? Drop a comment below and I’ll help you find the best path around your problem.

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