How to Fix the iOS 17 System Data Huge Bug

  • Restart your iPhone to fix iOS 17 System Data huge bug
  • Free up storage space before installing iOS 17
  • iOS 17 updates require at least 6GB of free storage space
How to fix the iOS 17 System Data Huge Bug

A few days after Apple released the iOS 17 software update to the general public, some folks have reported encountering issues related to their iPhone’s System Data. If you encounter this bug, continue reading to learn how to fix the iOS 17 system data huge bug.

What To Do If System Data Used Up Huge Amount of Storage on Your iPhone

Some of those encountering the issue said that restarting their iPhones resolved the problem. This means that the storage space occupied by System Data became normal again. Some even reported that they didn’t do anything at all. The storage space used up by System Data returned to normal after some time automatically. Moreover, temporary files, caches, and unnecessary files can occupy lots of space. Usually, the fastest way of removing them is with a trustworthy cleaner like Intego Washing Machine because it will free up space immediately and without hassle.

If you didn’t get the warning after installing iOS 17 on your iPhone, you can check how much space System Data occupies on your iPhone storage by following the steps below.

Time needed: 1 minute

Check how much storage space is being used by system data on your iPhone.

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Tap General > iPhone Storage.

    Screenshot General iPhone Storage

  3. The dark gray part of the graphical representation of your iPhone storage represents the space used up by System Data.

    Screenshot System Data graph

  4. Scroll down to see the actual amount of storage used by System Data in gigabytes.

    Screenshot System Data iPhone

Additionally, you may scroll down the List of Apps installed on your iPhone and check which apps take up too much space. If you don’t need those apps, it would be best to uninstall them. If you don’t want to uninstall them, check whether they have in-app settings that you can disable to free up space that those apps use up.

Thankfully, Not Everyone May Encounter the Bug

The issue on the iOS 17 system data huge bug was reported at the Macrumors community forum. An iPhone user got a warning that their iPhone was running out of space. That happened right after they installed the iOS 17 software update. A few other folks reported the same issue. One even experienced it with his iPad when he installed iPadOS 17.

One probable reason why System Data uses up a huge amount of space on your iPhone is that the update did not go smoothly. This could have caused the app cache not to refresh. So temporary files from the previous version of iOS may have not been deleted from your iPhone. 

The last time I checked my iPhone 14 Pro Max, System Data did not use up too much storage space. This means that my installation was perfectly fine and temporary files related to iOS have been removed or replaced by new ones. 

How Big is iOS 17 in Gigabytes

Normally, major iOS updates amount to 2GB to 6GB in file size. If your iPhone is still running an older version of iOS 17, the update could be as big as 5GB or more. But to be safe, make sure that your iPhone has at least 20GB of free storage space before you download and install iOS 17. That would ensure a smoother installation process.

Free up storage space on your iPhone by deleting unnecessary or unused files or apps. Use iCloud storage services such as iCloud photos and other media to make more storage space available on your iPhone. Some apps could also be the biggest culprits why System Data would take up too much storage space after updating to the latest iOS release. 

Once you have enough storage space, go ahead and install iOS 17.


Hopefully, simply restarting your iPhone will resolve the issue so that you can continue exploring the new, exciting features of iOS 17. Since iOS 17 is a significant update, you might miss a lot of substantial features if you cannot resolve the System Data huge bug of iOS 17.

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