Apple Pay Declined but Card Works? Here’s How to Fix

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Apple Pay is an easy and convenient way to make purchases in-store and online, but there are times when it doesn’t work properly. That’s why you should always carry a backup payment method, such as cash or a debit/credit card. Fortunately, most cases of Apple Pay getting declined are pretty minor, especially if the attached card still works.

Why Isn’t My Apple Pay Working?

There are a number of problems that can cause Apple Pay to not work properly. These issues include your card being expired, not having enough funds available to make a purchase, or even a glitch on the retailer’s end.

It’s always a good idea to update your device to the latest version of iOS and verify that your Face ID and passcode are active. Finally, try purchasing at a different retailer or use the connected debit card to narrow down whether there is a problem with Apple Pay or the attached card.

Apple Pay Declined, But Card Works

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The first thing you should do if Apple Pay gets declined is to try using the connected card. If the card works on its own, then you know the problem lies with Apple Pay. A number of users report having similar issues after updating their devices.

The solution is to wait for the next device update patiently. In the meantime, be sure to carry the physical card around, or also try using Apple Pay via a different device such as an Apple Watch. It is also possible that the problem lies with the payment processor. In this scenario, the issue may lie on the retailer’s end or even in their device retailer if it’s a brick-and-mortar store.

What Is Apple Pay Decline Time Sensitive

When an Apple Pay purchase does not go through, your Apple device will show a time-sensitive push notification alerting you that the payment failed. Clicking the notification takes you to Apple Pay and pulls up the failed transaction. From here, you should see the reason that the payment failed. However, sometimes the error message simply states “Payment Failed” with no further explanation.

Apple Pay Declined, But Money in Account

There are times when Apple Pay simply won’t work even if you have money in your account. This may be caused by Apple Pay or the merchant’s payment processor. In very rare cases, an Apple Pay payment may be declined and the money deducted from your bank account. If this happens, the pending payment should be reversed within a few days.

How to Fix Apple Pay Account That Keeps Getting Declined

Nobody wants to have their payment declined, especially when shopping in a store. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take some steps to prevent your Apple Pay account from being declined. The first is to keep your attached debit and credit cards up to date. Don’t forget to change out an expiring card after you receive the new one.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to keep track of your finances. Ensuring you have money in your checking account and available credit on your credit cards will prevent your card from being declined for insufficient funds. Finally, don’t forget to update your Apple device. For instance, Apple may not allow an out-of-date iPhone to make Apple Pay purchases in-store for security purposes.

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