How to Block YouTube Ads on iPhone

Three iPhone YouTube Ads With Big Block Symbol

With YouTube aggressively cracking down on iPhone ad blockers, it’s getting harder to block ads without signing up for a Premium account. The site’s also pushing several 15- to 30-second unskippable promotions per video. If you find this setup annoying, follow these effective solutions to control and hide YouTube ads.

How Do I Permanently Block Ads on YouTube?

You can influence the ad content you see through My Ad Center, but you can only permanently block ads if you pay for YouTube Premium. That said, some unofficial ad blockers and privacy browsers can effectively hide ads on free accounts. Just note that they might stop working once YouTube detects them.

How Do I Block Ads on YouTube iPhone App?

Here are some proven ways to block YouTube ads on your iPhone without subscribing to a Premium plan.

1. Download Ad Blockers

Time needed: 10 minutes

Most free ad blockers block either in-stream or in-feed ads, but not both. Take AdGuard as an example. It removes in-stream ads on the YouTube app by opening a third-party browser player. However, in-feed ads still appear.

Meanwhile, using it as a Safari extension blocks sponsored in-feed ads, but videos still push in-stream promotions. You can choose whatever method you want. Here’s how to enable ad-blockers like AdGuard on Safari and YouTube:

  1. Go to the App Store and download AdGuard. Its logo is a green shield with a white check mark.

    Searching AdGuard on App Store

  2. Open Settings > Safari > Extensions. Toggle on the buttons for all AdGuard extensions—you should see seven in total. It’ll automatically work on Safari afterward.

    Toggle Buttons for AdGuard Browser Extensions on Safari

  3. To remove in-stream ads within the YouTube app, open any monetized video, tap Share > More, and then scroll down to Block YouTube Ads (by AdGuard). Do this with every video that pushes ads.

    Using AdGuard to Block YouTube Ads on iPhone

Note icon NOTE
You can use the AdGuard shortcut if you don’t want to download AdGuard itself.

2. Use Privacy Browsers

Several privacy browsers claim to block YouTube ads on iPhones. While you’re free to explore them all, I suggest starting with Brave. It effectively blocks in-stream and in-feed ads.

  1. Open the App Store and download Brave—its logo is an orange lion with a white background.
    Searching Brave Browser on App Store
  2. Go to YouTube.
  3. Tap the lion icon beside the address bar and toggle on the buttons for Trackers & Ad Blocking and Block Fingerprinting.
    Using Brave to Block YouTube Ads on iPhone
  4. Leave Block Scripts disabled, or else the videos won’t load altogether.

3. Block Individual Ads

Stop specific ads from popping up in your feed and videos through My Ad Center.

  1. Tap the vertical ellipsis icon (⋮) on any in-feed ad to open My Ad Center.
    See More Button on Sponsored Ads of Instagram on YouTube
  2. Under the See more or fewer ads like this section, tap the minus symbol (-) next to the ad topic.
    Blocking Individual Ad Topics on YouTube
  3. You can also select Block Ad to hide specific ads permanently.
    Block Specific YouTube Ads on iPhone My Ad Center

4. Customize the My Ad Center Settings

Adjust your ad preferences in My Ad Center to filter and limit the types of ad content that YouTube shows.

  1. Tap the vertical ellipsis icon (⋮) on any in-feed ad to open My Ad Center.
  2. Select Customize more of the ads you see to view your ad preferences.
    Customize More of the Ads You See Option on YouTube My Ad Center
  3. Under Topics and Brands, hit the minus symbol (-) beside any category you want to hide. You can also block potentially triggering or harmful content under Sensitive.
    Adjusting Ad Topics on YouTube My Ad Center

Why Is YouTube Not Allowing Ad Blockers?

YouTube disables ad blockers because most of its revenue comes from AdSense. It’s one of the most successful ad businesses across social media platforms—even content creators have made millions from it. Blocking ads through unofficial workarounds instead of a Premium plan directly affects the site’s earnings.

These methods should control or block YouTube ads on your iPhone without video playback interruptions—try other ad blockers if they fail. You can also explore ways to hide YouTube ads on your Mac.

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