How to Edit and Unsend iMessages with Your iPhone, iPad or Mac


Today we’re taking a look at how to edit and unsend iMessages on your iPhone, Mac or iPad.

A feature that arrived alongside iOS 16, the ability to edit and even delete messages can be great for those that may want to recall a message that they sent.

How to Edit and Unsend iMessages with Your iPhone, iPad or Mac

The ability to edit or even delete a message can be quite the handy feature, and iOS 16, macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16 gives users this useful ability. Being able to edit or delete messages can save someone from a terrible embarrassment, and today we’re taking a look at how this feature can be helpful on a Mac, iPhone or iPad.

First, be aware that this only works for iMessages, meaning conversations with blue bubbles are fine, but conversations featuring green text bubbles will not work.

It’s worth noting that users will only have two minutes after the sending of a message to be able to edit or delete a message. Both the sender and the recipient will receive an indication that a message has been unsent.

How to Unsend iMessages

For iPhone and iPad users, if you would like to delete a message, it’s as simple as long pressing on the message you would like to delete and hitting Undo Send. For Mac users, right-click on the message and hit Undo Send. Again, the chat will show both the sender and the receiver that a message has seen deletion.

Long-pressing on a message (or right-clicking with a Mac) will bring up the option to unsend a message.

How to Edit an iMessage

Editing a message on iPhone and iPad is just as simple. After sending a message, simply long press on the message and click Edit. Mac users will need to right-click on the message and hit Edit.

Users are also able to edit messages by long-clicking on each individual message on iPhone or iPad, or right-clicking on Mac.

Once users long-click Edit, a text-box will pop up, allowing users to edit the message in anyway that they see fit.

The text box allows users to edit messages in anyway that they need to.

Just like with messages that saw deletion, both users will see information noting that the message has underwent edits. Additionally, both users will also be able to see the original message as well.

Both recipients and senders will be able to see when a message has been edited or unsent.

Keeping Up to Date

It’s also important to note that to get the most out of this feature, all of those involved should be running iOS 16, iPadOS 16 or macOS Ventura. As mentioned, this feature will not work outside of Apple devices, and users on older Apple OS may find themselves receiving edits as a second message rather than a new message.

Though recipients will still receive a notification when messages are deleted or unsent, this feature can be particularly useful for those that may rely on spellcheck too often.

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