How to Use Setapp on Your iPhone

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Setapp is now available on iOS. It means you can access products available through the app subscription service on your iPhone.  There are currently eight apps available.

Opening Setapp For iOS on iPhone

First things first, you need an active Setapp subscription that gives you access to more than one device, called ‘seats’ by the service. With that done, open the Setapp app on your Mac. There is now a new ‘Available in iOS’ tab at the bottom. It shows which apps you can access on your iPhone via your Setapp subscription.

Do not click ‘Install’ as that will download it straight to your Mac. Instead, click on the app’s name/description. You then get an option for the iOS version.

Scan QR Codes for Access

The first stage is using your iPhone camera to read a QR code provided by Setapp. Scan the code and you are taken to the App Store where you can download the app.

With the download complete, you may need to go through some app-specific settings like notifications. When that’s done, return to Setapp on your Mac. Tap ‘Done’ under the first QR code and click ‘Unlock Full Version’.

You have a second QR code to scan. If you still have your new app open, swipe up to go back to the home screen and reopen the camera. Scan the second QR code.

Doing this will give you the subscription your entitled to with Setapp. You now have full access on both Mac and iPhone.

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