Apple TV+ to Offer CBS All Access, Showtime, Bundle

CBS All Access

The first AppleTV+ bundle looks set to be a discounted offering for CBS All Access and Showtime, and it could start as early as Monday. Subscribers to Apple’s streaming service will be able to access both the CBS and Showtime channels in the TV app for a combined total of $9.99 per month (via Bloomberg News).

Save Money With Apple TV+, CBS All Access, Showtime Bundle

CBS All Access normally costs $9.99 per month itself while Showtime is $10.99 a month. Even though you would need a Apple TV+ subscription ($4.99 for those who are not getting it free due to having a new device,) it’s still a significant saving. Content will be accessed via the TV app. The news follows revelations about the Apple One set of bundles, set to offer a collection of Apple services at reduced prices.

2 thoughts on “Apple TV+ to Offer CBS All Access, Showtime, Bundle

  • Charlotte:
    I read the Bloomberg piece with interest, however it and thus far Apple and CBS are mum about customers who already have both Apple TV+ and CBS All Access (which I did for their Star Trek line up). I’ve learnt through experience not to assume that companies will ‘do the right thing’ without prompting, or even have automatic protocols in place to erase redundancies, so will enquire further on next steps to avoid overpayment. 

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