Ready Apple One – Services Bundles To Launch in Coming Weeks

Logos for Apple Services News+, Music TV+, and Arcade

The long-awaited Apple bundle appears to be imminent. The company is reportedly preparing a variety of options, known internally as Apple One, that will give customers access to its service at a lower monthly price. They could launch as earlier as October this year (via Bloomberg News).

Various Tiers of Apple One Bundles

It is understood that there will be various tiers of bundle. While these could change in the future, the current plan is that the basic package will include access to Apple Music and TV+ for a set price. The cost will then increase as first Arcade, then News+, and finally iCloud Storage are added to the package. The Apple One bundles will appear in iOS 14 later this year. They could save customers between $2 and $5 a month, depending on which package they choose.

Furthermore, Apple is reportedly developing a subscription service for virtual fitness classes. They will be accessible via iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. The offering, codenamed ‘Seymour’ will be included in the higher-end bundle and also available via Family Sharing options. It means that not only will the company be challenging Amazon Prime, it will also be going after the like of Peloton and Nike.

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