3 Ways to Make iPhone Pictures a Smaller File Size

Fixed How To Make iPhone Pictures Smaller File Size

Because I never seem to have enough iCloud storage, I learned how to reduce the file size of photos on my iPhone. Here’s how you can keep your photos small and your storage large.

How Do I Reduce the File Size of an iPhone Photo?

1. Reduce Photo Size in iPhone Settings

Time needed: 2 minutes

Follow these simple steps to reduce iPhone pictures in Settings:

  1. On iPhone, open Settings > Camera.

    camera settings in iPhone settings app

  2. Next, tap on Formats

    camera format option on iphone camera settings

  3. Choose High Efficiency

    camera format option on iphone

With this option, you can take pictures at the smallest photo size without compromising on quality.

2. Directly Reduce iPhone Picture Size When Sending in Mail

  1. Open Mail and tap the compose icon on the bottom right corner.
    mail compose button
  2. Compose an email with the Recipient, Subject, and Body.
  3. Tap the gallery icon to access photos.
    mail gallery access menu
  4. Select several photos and tap the send arrow at the top right corner of the screen.
    mail send icon
  5. On the pop-up menu, select the appropriate size.
    iphone image resize option
    Small– This size may be too small to be useful.
    Medium– This photo size is small.
    Large– This represents half of the image size.
    Actual– This represents the actual picture size without compression.
  6. To retain the picture, simply re-download the compressed photo from the email. 

3. Make iPhone Pictures Smaller With Photos App

On iPhone, use the Photos app to crop, resize, adjust, and edit the image. Whether you’re sending or receiving pictures, simply tap on the image you’d like to adjust and tap Edit. On Mac, use the Preview app to edit images.

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