How to Stop Your HomePod Mini Draining Your iPhone Battery

blue homepod mini

If (like me!) you were lucky to get a new HomePod mini or two for Christmas, you may have noticed that your iPhone battery is draining a lot quicker than it did before. You’re not going mad, it probably is! And there is a simple way to fix it.

Stop HomePod Mini Draining iPhone Battery

The battery drain is in no small part caused by your iPhone constantly looking for your HomePod mini and seeing if it needs to transfer content from one device to another. To stop that, and help preserve battery power, turn off the ‘Transfer to HomePod’ setting. Go to:

  • Settings on iPhone
  • General
  • AirPlay & Handoff
  • Tap the ‘Transfer to HomePod’ slider so it’s off (grey). It’s on (green) by default (See image below.)

This should work with the full-sized version of the Apple smart speaker too.

I noticed a significant improvement in iPhone battery life when I did this. The change means you cannot move from playing content on your iPhone to your HomePod mini simply by bringing the two devices close to each other anymore. However, you can still easily make such a transfer via tools like AirPlay.

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