Apple Engineering Manager Reveals Gift Celebrating M1 Transition

Apple M1 SoC

It appears those involved in the transition from Intel to Apple Silicon have been given a little memento by the company as a thank you for their efforts. One Senior Software Engineering Manager shared a picture of an M1 t-shirt commemorating the move.

Commemorative M1 T-Shirt Sent As Thank You to Staff

The gift features the M1 logo and came with an accompanying message thanking staff that read – “every so often, something comes along that changes everything. Andy Boretto posted the image on Twitter.

From small gestures like this to big bonuses, Apple is seemingly looking to woo top engineers as it works to keep them in Cupertino.

The M1 chip was first launched in November 2020 and now sits in a range of devices. There is also the Pro and Max versions of Apple’s own chips too.

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