Eve Launches Two Firsts in the Smart Home Industry

Leading up to the beginning of CES 2022, smart home device manufacturer Eve has announced two firsts. The company is innovating the smart home industry, announcing the first Thread-enabled smart blinds motor and the first outdoor cam compatible with Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video.

Automating Your Window Coverings with Thread

Firstly, in partnership with window coverings specialist Coulisse, the new Eve MotionBlinds motor is available immediately. Beginning with custom roller shades, the smart home device allows you to automate the natural lighting and privacy of your home. In addition, Eve MotionBlinds supports Thread, making it compatible with upcoming smart home standard Matter.

Eve MotionBlinds represents one of the firsts Eve has made in smart home categories

Eve MotionBlinds draws its power from a rechargeable battery, which charges via USB-C. You can quickly and easily set up the smart blinds motor much like any other HomeKit accessory, by scanning a QR code with your iPhone. What’s more, the smart blinds motor doesn’t require a hub or bridge, but incorporating a HomeKit hub offers more options for control and automation.

Eve Outdoor Cam Adds Exterior Support with HomeKit Secure Video to the Smart Home Industry

Eve was one of the first manufacturers to produce cameras that worked with HomeKit Secure Video. Not only that, its Eve Cam is a well-designed and relatively unobtrusive surveillance and security device. It also works very well. The latest addition, Eve Outdoor Cam, brings that quality to your front patio, back porch, or any other outdoor portion of your home.

Eve Outdoor Cam

This outdoor camera records in 1080p full HD resolution and offers a wide 157-degree field of view. Additionally, it features infrared night vision and motion detection, along with two-way communication via an integrated microphone and speaker. Its floodlight offers an ultra-strong light boost, and can be motion-activated. Three-axis camera adjustment allows you to point Eve Outdoor Cam precisely where you want it monitoring.

Availability of Eve’s Latest Smart Home Industry Products

MotionBlinds will be distributed through a growing network of Coulisse resellers listed in Eve’s store locator. Starting with custom roller shades, Eve MotionBlinds is already available at SelectBlinds (US), abcblinds.com.au (AU), OmniaBlinds.com, Sonevo.de and Smartblinds.com (EU).

As for Eve Outdoor Cam, that product begins shipping April 5, 2022, from Eve, Amazon and later from Apple.

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